Denver locals speak up about winter skiing concerns

Arapahoe BasinLast season, for our industry, really shook things up. Over 60 million skier days were recorded, shattering the previous mark and making a bold statement that up is the way we roll.

The only anomaly was Colorado, and with about 20% of the total skier day market in most years, it fell off even as other regions had record numbers.

Then came March, skyrocketing gas prices, then came September, and center-of-the-earthrocketing stock prices. Snow was slow to fall, airline ticket prices did not fall at the same pace as at the pump, and many resorts realized the destination visitor was going to be a hard snipe to catch. They turned their attention to the base, their locals, and tried to excite them to help smooth out what looked to be a challenging year.

Denver's NBC ran a story about the efforts, and it gave Front Range skiers a chance to speak up about their concerns and their experience. Any area planning to target locals in this difficult economy might benefit from the feedback.

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