From an Instructor...Life on the Edge


Life on the Edge....

Hey, if you're getting up, can you switch the laundry into the dryer?

Wasn't getting up.  Hey, did you let the dog back in?

I wonder what our clients are doing right now?

Probably sitting in a hot tub with a bottle of wine getting ready for a nice dinner out.

What do you think they think we're doing right now?

They probably think we're sitting in a hot tub with a bottle of wine getting ready for a nice dinner out. 

Or anything but sitting on a second hand couch in our tiny (but expensive) condo wishing that the long underwear, socks and other business attire was already washed and ready for the next work day.  Yep, the reality is that as two ski instructors with quite a bit of experience behind us we've had some wild times, but the majority of our "ski bum" lives involves a surprising amount of pretty mundane stuff.  All in all, we both consider ourselves very, very fortunate to be able to live and share our passion professionally and personally.

Which is not to say that every moment has been ho-hum.  Far from it.  Allow me to elaborate:

A client lost his house.  As in couldn't remember which one it was.  Because he has five other multi-million dollar ski vacation homes in different resorts.  We found it. 

Two 12 year old girls complained at lunch that the private planes they were using for the vacation "sucked".  One's massage feature on her seat was broken.  The other had suffered through her flight with the wrong slippers ("I told them I wanted the FAUX fur, and they gave me real fur").  A third joined the conversation with the sobering comment "Yeah, well, we couldn't even take our jet because my mom invited two extra people.  We had to CHARTER!"  It usually costs upwards of $3,000/hour to charter a private jet.

Again, kids:  "My father works on Wall Street."  "Mine is a corpulent (sic) attorney."  "You guys are lucky.  My parents just make sandwiches."  The latter comment from the offspring of the creators of one of America's favorite fast food sandwich shops.

And the moments that really grab my heart, like the experiences with a volunteer ski program for people with burns over the majority of their bodies and the simple joy of seeing humans conquer their fears and enjoy a new, snow filled world.

Tremendously frustrating and rewarding (frequently at the same time), my husband and I have over 40 combined years as ski instructors all over the world.  Almost daily, I am amazed that this is my career.  Not one day has gone by that hasn't included something brand new, and this industry encourages me to appreciate the view from my office window.  I know I'm lucky.  After all of these seasons, I'm finally putting down some of my adventures as a ski instructor.  Some of my stories are funny, some quirky and some very sad.  All of them are true, and each demonstrates to me that this profession isn't just about skiing.  It's about people. 

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