Blue Skies after the Storm


It's the first blue skies day after the first big dumping of the 2008/2009 season and ski town life is starting to thrive. The J1's are here and all the mountains and gearing up for the weekend. It's like overnight Tahoe has been transformed into a picture perfect holiday greetings card, which most of the locals can't afford to live in.

And although I haven't been able to ride those fluffy white waves yet my perfect powder day will come. Alpine is opening for the second time this season and I'm going to be in search for the perfect line to christen my powder riding this winter. Because I know that perfect line is what living in Tahoe is all about, tapping into the mountains massive energy and becoming in sync with the rhythms of the environment. Letting go and trusting your instincts to bring you to a place where ecstasy and adrenaline mix, leaving you with a feeling of pure happiness.

That is the feeling that makes the lifestyle completely worth it. It makes it worth wondering if I have enough money to pay bills, worth applying for food stamps, and worth watching all the rich tourists blow their money on fruitless superficiality. That one sensation makes me forget about my broke ass blues and turns Tahoe into a snowy utopia that secretes white winter bliss.