Stu Campbell- A true Ski Pioneer

Stu Campbell, a real ski pioneer and a great loss to the industry.  I Could not have said it better than Tim Petrick did at Stu's funeral.  "His ability to look directly into your eyes and somehow connect with your deepest self was among his many gifts.   When Stu talked, people listened...and what they heard more often than not made perfect sense.  This was true whether he was trying to help you understand deep personal loss or if he was explaining how to improve your turns.  The guy had a way with words" said Petrick.

I had the chance to ski and spend time with Stu when I taught at Heavenly and he really inspired all of us novice instructors not to mention the support of John Darby the Ski School Dir.

 Yes, Stu take a powder run and we are all right behind you!

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