Give the gift no day-skier can afford: A new luxury travel company

Epicquest, Jackson HoleJackson Hole's EPICQUEST has launched their high-end adventure travel enterprise just in time for that last-minute Christmas shopper. Now those still flush with 2008 cash can book custom excursions with Tommy Moe, Laird Hamilton, Jeremy Jones and Linsey Dyer.

EpicQuest is a partnership between the US's flagship heliski operation Sun Valley Heli Guides and AK's Chugach Powder Guides. Also on board is Indies Trader, which will serve the client looking for a remote surfing or diving vacation to destinations including Africa and the south Pacific.

CEO Craig Pattee: "Our personal experience and world-renowned guides give us entrée to remote--even untouched--locations that few have ever seen or experienced. EpicQuest clients receive a backstage pass to the most exciting adventures in the world."

The release comes at an interesting time. Every resort, particularly the high-end resort, has been flooding the PR waves with discount packaging. Travel News Daily projects that the luxury travel sector will remain in a recession into 2012 even if the economy rebounds more quickly.

On the flip side, the product itself is intriguing. Each of the company's guides has a reputation for being someone very cool to spend time with. It could come down to price point, as did everything this Christmas..

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