Vail's Lift Evacuation Team

The Vail Lift Evacuation Team appointed by volunteers carefully remove a gentleman from the lift.  It was lead to believe the gentleman was having a conversation with the other passengers about the exit fee that Vail incorporated January 3rd, 09'.  It simply states on the back of the lift ticket, of course in small print "a $10 fee will be required when exiting vail's ski slopes".  I guess this man nearly jumped out of his pants after hearing this information. 

After reaching Vail's top management via telephone about this unique situation, they stated, " We are greatful to our Lift Evacuation Team, and we hope all guests will read the back of the lift ticket before their next adventure" Vail management.


Til the next lift ride!


Gravity Feed

 My most embarrassing moment would be to wake up naked next to the pool at Casa Bonita after too many margaritas, but this is worse. Poor guy gets stuck on Vail's Skyline Express chairlift on Friday morning, slips out of his seat, and ends up dangling upside down, bare ass naked in the freezing cold from the lift. It took Vail employees 15 minutes to "dislodge" him.


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