These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Spring-like thoughts keep finding a way into my head. It has only been winter for a month, but I've recently been daydreaming of Frisbee golf in the park and mountain biking in the Sierras. Where visions of winter wonderlands and sugar plums should be dancing, thoughts of spring at dusk on the sandy shores of Lake Tahoe, baby ponies, and things made of sunshine and green grass materialize instead. Perhaps this weekend's sun exposure toasted more than just my freckled cheeks. What if the portion of my brain that controls snowboarding impulses was affected as well? BAH! I hardly think so...

I've heard a lot of bellyaching recently. "There's no snow." "Tahoe's doomed." "I'm moving to Colorado." Hold your spring-time ponies, folks! There's plenty of snow. I'm sure of it; we found a stash of it up on Rose Knob Peak in Incline Village off the north shore of Lake Tahoe this past Saturday. My boyfriend Justin (a real go-getter, and a damn fine snowboarder), a buddy Prescott (Mt. Baker and life enthusiast), a sea-level-and-back-again Ben, and I embarked on a mid-afternoon, Spwinter quest to conquer a peak and find some snow. True Powder Pilgrims. The day was a perfect combination of Spring and Winter. The birds, as happy to be on the mountain as we were, sang their Saturday songs. I listened to Jerry Garcia. The hike was mellow, the air was fresh. At the top: a sweet Fuji apple, a photoshoot, and merriment. The descent never required us to unstrap. Snow was available for turns the whole way down.

On Sunday we spent the day making friends, building park features, and drinking PBRs in the sun--and the snow--up on Old Donner Summit. The trusty, yellow fiberglass bench that Justin and I have goes everywhere with us. It fits in the snowboard racks of the 4Runner. With the bench, a rail brought up by another group of snow-seekers, and a little mind power, we spent the whole day getting our jib on.

While bombing down icy groomers for 80 bucks a day might be appealing to some, it is certainly not the only source of fun I want to join in to fill my mountain time quota. I think that the lack of new snowfall this month should be an inspiration toward ingenuity rather than something to curse and be bitter about. So till a powder day at Kirkwood, it's straight to the backcountry for me. I always look forward to a mellow hike, and a sunny day visit with the mountain bluebirds.

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