"The Lift Lines Are Short"

One rainy, foggy early spring day  several years ago I overheard a customer at a ski area in the Berkshires ask the mountain ambassador to find something good to say about the day.  Without hesitating the ambassador replied, "The lift lines are short." In spite of his disappointment at the day's weather and snow conditions, the customer couldn't help but  smile.

That scenario replays in my mind every time we have one of those dreary, foggy, rainy early Spring days on the mountain. The ambassador's words continue to bring a smile to my face and I then look for other good things to say (or think) about the day. Think about it for a second. We all know winter and the snow pack can't last forever, and in reality, who wants it to?  We all realize that Nature is going to take it's toll on the trails and that Spring skiing isn't the same as winter skiing.

The games that fog and low laying clouds play with distant views and  close-by scenes is like something out of a movie. Mountains come and go, tree lines change by the minute, things are there one second and gone the next, lifts coming towards you out of the mist look more like  creatures in a science fiction movie than something you'd get in or on for a ride, and depth perception is reduced to close-ups.  What you previously thought was a steep trail suddenly looks a lot flatter then before (shorter too!).  Even watching the fog  or cloud patterns drift in and out of the valley below can be mesmerizing.

If you live in these parts you must have an appreciation for the four seasons, and every new day is part of it.  How boring it would be if they were all the same! You can't fight it and  you can't do anything about it, so look around and  find some enjoyment in the transition from Winter to Spring.  And when all else fails, remember the words of that mountain ambassador, "The lift lines are short."

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