Why is it...

Why is it...

the lodge is always up hill from the parking lot

the rest rooms are always down stairs

the shuttle bus pulls out of the parking lot just as you start walking towards it

even when the conditions are good someone will tell you "You should have been here yesterday"

even though you got up hours early, signed up for and paid extra to get first tracks, there is at least one set of tracks on the trail you want to ski

the only trail the snow guns are running on is your favorite

when you have your best ever bump run right under the lift and no one notices

you have a yard sale under the lift and everyone notices

your goggle lenses are always the wrong shade

the table you left your bag under in the morning now has at least 16 people at it with at least 32 bags

the one day you play hooky from work it: rains, there is a wind hold on your favorite chair, half the mountain is closed so the weekend crowd can trash it, the mountain has good cell reception and your boss calls, somebody takes a picture with you in the background and it ends up on the web, the mountain is running every snow gun they have, in the afternoon the sun comes out and you forgot to put on sunscreen leaving you with an undisguisable goggle tan...

when the lift you're on brakes down your only four feet from the top but twelve feet in the air

when you have been skiing great all day long on every diamond on the mountain, you crash on the green twenty feet from the lodge patio

one boot heater battery always runs out long before the other

you get half way through the ticket window line before you realize you left your wallet in the car

you take a planned mid week trip only to find out that it falls on some promotion the mountain is having and it's almost a busy as a weekend

when you have brought a Power bar and a bottle of water for lunch the fumes from the grilling hamburgers follow you all over the mountain

the trails marked "Thin base"are mostly brown/green in color

the only day someone asks to see your season pass is the one day you wear the jacket that doesn't have it attached.

the worst conditions ever posted at any resort any where are "frozen granular"

after a great storm you get up extra early to get first tracks and you, along with 32 other cars, end up behind a snowplow doing 12 mph

after a great storm you get up extra early to get first tracks, but the road hasn't been plowed and you slide into a ditch and end up sitting there as a snowplow and 32 cars go by

at the beginning of the day somebody grabs one of your poles leaving one of theirs which happens to be 2 inches shorter then yours. So you ski all day with one short pole looking for someone doing the same thing.

despite all of the above and many more such things, we never pass up a chance to go skiing.

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