If you landed here you were on LeCarta, looking for more information about the developer.

The last thing it was designed to be is about the nerd who put it together. LeCarta is about tool usage. About creating efficiencies. It was built because it can help connect people.

We get a short amount of time on the planet. As writers, the less we spend mucking around with unanswered, unopened or poorly targeted correspondence, the more we have for living.

As agents and editors, the less we spend mucking around with splattershot interactions or borderline requests, the more we have for living.

This is not about clawing back some of your time so you can get more work done. It’s about clawing back your time so you can surf and ski more (or whatever, but not work).

Play with it before you judge. If it isn’t for you, no worries. The old ways worked for a lot of people for a long time, and that won’t change.

But again, I believe it can help. It can make connections.

It can get IP sold that deserves to be sold.

It can accurately target and drastically speed up the front end of the process.

It can put more sellable product in the hands of those who specialize in those sales.

Thanks for landing here. You were curious. That’s a great trait to have. Curiosity is how this project began.

Gard Skinner